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Painted in 1995, elements taken from the following Brian May albums, singles, videos and collaberations:-

Smile – Gettin Smile, Bad News – Bohemian Rhapsody, Black Sabbath – the Headless Cross, Holly Jonson – Love Train, Hank Marvin, Fuzzbox – Self, Paul Rodgers – Muddy Waters Tribute, Earthrise – Smoke on the Water, Extreme – More Than Words, Star Fleet, Queen – A Kind of Magic. BM solo’s Back to the Light, Too Much Love Will Kill You, Resurrection, the Brian May Band, a Six pence and the famous Red Special guitar.

This is one of many posters I have painted, set around the same theme a montarges created from the albums, singles and videos of the artists. (click on the images for a larger picture and see how many you can spot).